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Progress Report - Feeling Unmotivated [Jun. 8th, 2010|11:12 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)


Not much to say I guess - I have slowed down on my sentence learning and listening to podcasts. I am not reading the grammar and lesson books much right now. My parcel has not come from merlin.pl yet - I emailed them and they are complaining to Poczta Polska, but I am sad about this as I really really was looking forward to my parcel :(
I bought another couple of Polish books off Trademe (online auctions in NZ) - translations of Eragon and Bones of the Moon. We have Eragon in English, so that will be useful. Using a dictionary I translated the first sentence yesterday, ha ha. I kind of feel like doing this kind of thing at the moment, and will learn a bit of vocab and how things fit together by absorbing it this way.