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And so it begins again.... [May. 4th, 2011|04:36 pm]
Really Learn Polish (this time)



So, I am learning Polish again, ha ha ha ha.
I have been going now for 2 weeks and all is going well. Better than before I think, I think these methods are much better suited to me.
I have new strategies, old strategies, and all sorts of stuff.

My main resources at the moment are:

1. Harry Potter in English, in Polish and as a Polish audio book. There is a theory of language learning that includes extensive reading in your target language, EVEN IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. So, you just read it at normal reading speed without TRYING to understand, and see what you pick up, and let your subconscious learn stuff. Also, you "read" along while listening to the audio book. I haven't quite done this yet, I  have more been going through with the translation and comparing the sentences and looking a few up, but still not trying to understand all of it. However, this is still very time-consuming and hard going and exhausting. So, I thought I would do the "don't try to understand" method properly with the audio book for the Harry Potter, and try INTENSIVE reading with a bilingual book of fairy tales I have. So, there's extensive reading where you merely try and read a lot, and intensive reading where you read less but try to understand a lot. The fairy tale book is so much easier to understand, obviously, so it is a lot more fun and I already know a lot of words, and more importantly can understand a lot of the sentence structures.

2. My Hurra Polish workbooks that I might write about later but that I really like and think all textbook writers should examine to get good tips on design. I should do a review of them.

3. Anki, a spaced sentence repetition program that I like better than my old one, and I am using some sentence sets that I downloaded for it, some sentences from an online dictionary, and sentences from the books I am reading

4. Some cool online dictionaries that I'll do another post on shortly.

5. My handy-dandy spreadsheet that records what I've done

6. I got a lot of these resources and ideas from a good blog that I have bookmarked at home so will post it later

It is taking up a lot of time though, and I'm not getting much else done, and it is tiring. However, not doing intensive reading on the harder Harry Potter book should help a bit.