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Progress Report - Feeling Unmotivated [Jun. 8th, 2010|11:12 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

Not much to say I guess - I have slowed down on my sentence learning and listening to podcasts. I am not reading the grammar and lesson books much right now. My parcel has not come from merlin.pl yet - I emailed them and they are complaining to Poczta Polska, but I am sad about this as I really really was looking forward to my parcel :(
I bought another couple of Polish books off Trademe (online auctions in NZ) - translations of Eragon and Bones of the Moon. We have Eragon in English, so that will be useful. Using a dictionary I translated the first sentence yesterday, ha ha. I kind of feel like doing this kind of thing at the moment, and will learn a bit of vocab and how things fit together by absorbing it this way.
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Progress Report! [May. 14th, 2010|06:13 pm]
Really Learn Polish (this time)


I see that I wrote in the user info for the community that I said I'd be posting my progress (as you are also welcome to do) as part of the whole purpose of this comm.
So - I am nearly up to 1000 sentences in mnemosyne! Another 2 days and I am there! The first big milestone! It took a bit longer than planned because my computer was out of action for 3 weeks, so that was 3 weeks of learning sentences gone, plus when I got everything working again I had to review hundreds of sentences before I could learn more (see all japanese all the time for info on this sentence thing).
The word of the day I posted last is really good for the clip of how to pronounce the example sentence - it's good to run through a clear sentence that you know the meaning of, a few dozen times. I can't find any way to save the sentence though, and they disappear after a day. Still, it's a good resource as after only a couple of sentences I have already noticed patterns in intonation, and new ways of how to flow the words together into a sentence.
I am reading bits of the big grammar book on the pittsburgh uni polish website, and then taking sentences from that section to help learn the grammar concepts. I've learnt a bit about perfective and imperfective verbs - or, in laymans terms, why lots of the verbs have two forms that are very similar, which is related to one of the ways of expressing the future.

To celebrate getting to 500 sentences, I ordered some books and CDs from Merlin.pl - they say they take 2-6 weeks to get here, but it's been 6 weeks and one day now! There was that volcano... but still, I want my parcel, I am looking forward to it so much! I'm not sure why it takes 6 weeks anyway since we have no ship mail, only airmail to our country, but maybe it goes by ship part of the way or hangs out in a lot of airports on the way. Hopefully it will arrive in time to celebrate 1000 sentences!
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Word of the Day [May. 13th, 2010|04:45 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

I found a good word of the day site. At least, I think it's good but I've only seen one days worth so far!
It's better than picking a word out of the dictionary each day (actually, that's today's word -dictionary -> słownik ) because it also has audio so you know how to pronounce it, and it has the all important "example sentence" to help you learn it.
Here's the link:
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My Progress Day 32 plus Polish Music and Listening Practise [Mar. 24th, 2010|01:37 pm]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

So - I have done more than one month! That's awesome! I feel like I've actually started to learn a few things, which is encouraging.

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But I found a couple of things that might be useful to other people trying to find some music they like.

First is this list of 100 top songs on a Polish radio website (they also have the radio stations online, etc)
The list has little clips of a few seconds for each song, so I went through and listened to each one to find out what bands might be ones I would like, and then looked them up on you tube.

There are also some handy you tube videos with a selection of clips from various songs, so you can listen through and see what you think is worth investigating further.
12 polish rock/metal band samples

rock song samples

more sample videos

techno, dance, trance, etc best of

A lot of the bands seemed to have very good enunciation, so are good for listening practise. I also found a good lyrics site which is useful to compare what you're hearing with how the words are written to learn a bit more about pronunciation.

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Free Audio Resources [Feb. 25th, 2010|10:27 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)


So, what good free audio resources do you have? Stuff you can save on your computer, put on your ipod or similar device (very handy for the AJATT method) or burn to CD to play on your stereo.

I use Polskie Radio (http://www.polskieradio.pl/). To start with they stream about 5 radio stations over the net, so you can listen online. Of course, this is only useful if you have your computer on and connected to the internet all the time.

But, they also have podcasts. If you click on a radio station name (eg. jedynka) and search around for the word "podcast" or "podcasting" (yep, just like English, and no doubt many other languages are just using the same word) and search around a bit then you can get podcasts to download as mp3s.

One very good resource here is "The Pickwick Papers" by Charles Dickens - "Klub Pickwicka" in Polish - all read out as an audio book! Here's the link. That's the description, and click "PODCAST" below it to get to the list of files. He seems like a pretty good narrator.

Does anyone know of any more audio books, good podcasts, or a site with a bit of music to download (eg. bands sometimes put up promotional singles, but without knowing what bands to look for, and not reading Polish yet... it's hard to find. Maybe there's a handy site somewhere?).

(Sorry for so many posts in a row, but I like to try to have one post per topic and one topic per post.)
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My Progress - Day 4 [Feb. 25th, 2010|10:10 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

Part of the idea of this community was that people (or if no one else came just I) could post their progress to kind of encourage themselves, or create accountability, or something like that. So I might try it and see if I find it useful.

So far: I have gone through 150 of the 200 sentences in my SRS program from last time... and I still can read about 100 of them! That's pretty good I reckon; it means I actually learnt something last time, so that's positive.
I have listened to about 6-7 hours of audio, which is not much over 4 days since the AJATT method recommends something like 10+ hours a day, but every bit counts!
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So... that went well, and AJATT [Feb. 25th, 2010|10:04 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

As you can see, it is some time - months, over a year - since I last posted, and I still haven't learnt Polish. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible. I was doing some last year, but then my Dad died, and that put something of a damper on the whole thing, and many other things, as you can well imagine. He was also the only Polish speaking person I really know, so that also means I have no Polish help in my real life anymore.
But I'm trying again and my current method is from this site - All Japanese All the Time (http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/about). He learnt Japanese, but we can use the method to learn Polish. The basis of the method came from some Polish people learning English, so there's a connection.
I'll summarise the method for you; listen to as much Polish as possible, watch movies in Polish and listen to Polish music, try to make your life as Polish-oriented as possible, all the while learning Polish-to-English sentences using "spaced repetition software" (definition from wikipedia: "a software that collects information about a student's retention of questions and answers, and gradually adapts the optimum intervals of time used between subsequent reviews of these questions").

The idea is that by listening you get used to Polish and learn some by osmosis, and by using sentences and not individual words you learn vocab and grammar in context, and by going only Polish to English (or target language to fluent language) you don't learn mistakes and only encounter correct Polish.
I think that's the gist of it. He also emphasises having fun and not being bored, which even if you don't agree with the rest of the method, are valuable points - you learn better when happy, so it's important to try and keep things interesting and fun, and movies and music can be one way of learning without feeling like you're learning.

(I see I actually mentioned AJATT in an earlier post, but I think I am more organised for it this time, and I"ve read more of the website and feel I understand the method better now)
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Computer Game - The Witcher [Aug. 22nd, 2008|12:27 pm]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

The Witcher is an RPG computer game based on some popular books by a Polish guy (Andrzej Sapkowski), the first of which has been translated into English and the second is on it's way to English, I believe. The book is good, and the game is very, very good.

They're putting out the Enhanced version of the game soon which comes with all language versions included, including Polish of course, and apparently you can even have the speech and subtitles in different language - eg. Polish speech and English subtitles! How cool, very useful! There's a lot of dialogue in the game as you have to talk to a lot of characters to get info, get quests, etc, so if you're into this kind of game you should get it to practise your Polish! Actually, you should get it anyway because I think it's one of the best games ever made.

Basically a witcher is a person who hunts down and kills monsters for a fee - but sometimes the monsters aren't bad after all, and sometimes the humans aren't good. And sometimes the main character gets tangled up in politics and schemes he has no interest in getting involved in. The Witcher book and game is very interesting in terms of morality and responsibility for one's actions, and how sometimes there's no good choice to make. But other than that there's monsters and fighting, so it's not all morality ;)

Note - in the US version some of the graphics have apparently been censored to make them less dodgy, so if I were you I'd try not to get that one as I I think it's better to ... experience it like it was supposed to be I guess. Unless you don't like computer graphical female upper body nudity/partial nudity*, in which case get the censored one.
Either way, it's not suitable for children however - your character can choose to have sex with other characters, and although the act is not shown, it's not suitable for children!!

game website

wikipedia entry for the game

I don't have the links to where you can buy the books in Polish, and I'm kind of confused as to which of his books are in the series and which aren't, actually.

*I can't remember if there's more nudity than that, so don't quote me on it!
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2008|09:45 pm]
Really Learn Polish (this time)
I just found this. It's a YouTube channel with Disney movies in Polish. Good for Disney fans and children who are learning Polish! :-)

I was thinking about having a "Polish word of the day" or "Polish phrase of the day". Anybody interested in posting it. I would but I work weird hours.
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2008|10:16 am]
Really Learn Polish (this time)
Anybody suggest any good Polish movies (with subtitles) to watch to help me learn the language? I'm a fan of comedies and romantic comedies.

Cut and paste a list of my favorite movies from facebook (there are a lot more haha).Collapse )
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