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get_polish_now's Journal

Really Learn Polish (this time)
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Learning Polish and keeping on learning
The purpose of this journal is two-fold:
1. for people to get advice and help on learning Polish,
2. for people to get encouragement to learn what is a rather difficult language, especially as there are few Polish courses and few fellow learners in many areas to provide support.

I, standgale, the maintainer of this community, have just started learning Polish for the umpteenth time, and, this time, I'm finally going to really do it. Hopefully, as I improve, I will be able to offer help and advice to people who are newer to the language than me, but I'm not help just yet unless you are in your first two weeks. Other more knowledgeable people are welcome of course.

They say that if you want to achieve a goal, it is better if you work with someone else. Unfortunately, no one else I know wants to learn Polish, and I imagine many other people are in the same situation. So in this community, hopefully we can find that someone else!

Acceptable posts to this community include:
*resources Polish learners might be interested in
*language learning tips - general or Polish-specific
*Polish language questions (although I'm unsure who will answer them initially...)
*Polish language discussion
*Polish cultural things you have learnt
*what you learnt this week when studying Polish
*trials and tribulations of learning Polish
*encouragement for other Polish learners
*...anything else that seems appropriate...

*be polite
*no selling of things, although you may link to relevant things that are for sale if you think they might be of interest
*English is the primary language of this community, so posts should be in English - except for the Polish bits of course! But don't worry if English is a second language to you and you aren't good at it - you are welcome to learn Polish with us too!

If you are more advanced in your learning, you may still join (and hopefully a few more people of a similar level will turn up) and offer your advice or complain about the joys which us beginners have yet to experience.

I don't know if anyone will join or post to this community other than me! It's main purpose is to provide support, encouragement and motivation though. If you really want to learn this language, whether a little bit of it or a lot of it, join and use this community to help you stay on track.

I'll initially be posting about resources I have found in the past. I'll also post about my progress. This will provide an interesting (to me anyway) record of the Polish learning journey, and may be of interest to others who wish to comment on or discuss what I've learnt. This will also provide me with motivation to continue. You also should feel free to make posts like "woohoo, I've finished lesson 5" if you like. ;)