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Merlin.pl - Really Learn Polish (this time) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Really Learn Polish (this time)

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Merlin.pl [Jun. 30th, 2011|09:57 pm]
Really Learn Polish (this time)


I ordered some DVDs from Merlin.pl but it was been 7 weeks and they have not arrived yet. They say parcels take "2-6 weeks to 3 months" which doesn't really make sense, but there we go. The last time I ordered something it took over 3 months.
Is there somewhere else with good prices that I can buy Polish books, CDs and DVDs? It is really frustrating waiting so long. It takes things ordered from England less than a month. And my husband bought an ebay item from some random guy in the Czech republic and it took only 3 weeks.
I would pay extra for the faster shipping if it was guaranteed to be 2-10 days, but if that still is going to take weeks I don't want to pay the premium price for it.

(I guess I should mention as well that I am in NZ, so advice particularly pertinent to North America, for instance, wouldn't be that useful to me - although it might for someone else )

[User Picture]From: standgale
2011-06-30 08:53 pm (UTC)
thanks, that's good to know, that they are just generally very slow. If I order anything else from them I'll consider it a long term project and try not to get too excited too soon.
i'll have a look at that other one :)
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